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Updated Aug 6/08

   CB Partbred Filly
Dam - CB/TB
Sire - QH


Foaled May 11, 2006

Registered CBHS

Photos taken July 6, 2008
Gwen is starting to fill out as she matures and is becoming a very substantial mare. I expect she will mature to 16 or more hands. She is very friendly and inquisitive.
Gwen has presence, lots of forward, long stride but quick and catty like a QH with a powerhouse
start and sliding stops, and fast rollbacks, lovely neck, pretty, feminine face, great bone,
huge, soft,doe-like eyes, and an exceptional temperament.

She's going to bepowerful and substantial.
An enormously powerful rump will enable her to excel at both English and Western events.

Measured at 15-2 on Feb 28/10.

Click this line to see what she looked like as a foal.

For Sale ­ $5,500 CDN
This price will increase as she matures.

Pedigree - LEGACY GWEN

For more information please see
Del Mar All-Breed Pedigree Database (CB) - Forest Superman bloodline
the Del Mar
TB Pedigree database (TB) - Native Dancer bloodline

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       Skippa Ward
 Class Award  X
   Desie Lee Time
 Samaris Super Twist (Palomino QH)  
  Off Man
 Message Time
  Miss Six Twist
Legacy Gwen
       Forest Farnon (CB)
Forest Fellow (CB)
   Forest Flair (CB)
 Legacy Sasparillo
   Nostrum (TB)
 Nostrum's Pride (TB)
   Pride of the Artic (TB)


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