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Updated: June 18, 2012


Good quality consignment saddles always welcome!
If you have a brand name or custom-made saddle in
good condition that you would
like to sell to me, please drop me a note.

See http://www.xe.com/ucc/ for exchange rates.


14" Barrel

Rawhide tree, entire saddle reconditioned
Make unknown.

more pix

Good buy at only



Used 15" Eamor pleasure saddle
Smooth hard seat with rawhide covered cantle
(piece missing out of rawhide beading),
4" cantle, Blevins buckles, leather stirrups,
flank cinch, leather billet and latigo, no cinch.
Ralide tree.

Very good condition!

More pix.





Used 15.5" Western Rawhide, ranch
modified Association saddle

4.5" high backed cantle, smooth seat, basketweave, flank cinch,
Blevins buckles, extra long saddle strings, endurance stirrups.

Stirrups can be switched out for used regular leather roper stirrups
if you wish at no extra charge.

Good condition.

More Pix.

Excellent value


 SOME USED SADDLES that have come in recently are:

  • used 16" low profile leather pleasure saddle, low horn, low padded seat, rawhide tree, wide, older saddle, wood stirrups, blevins buckles, cheyenne roll, well used but lots of service left
  • new leather pony saddles in 13" size, leather, no cincha, no taps, $199 each
  • #300-07 used 13" Youth saddle, suede seat, cheyenne roll, full size cinch, no taps, good condition
  • #800-011 used 15", pleasure, Big Horn model 386, economy pleasure, fibreglass tree, smooth leather seat with Cheyenne Roll, wood stirrups, stirrup leathers through fenders, engraved, with buckles, double square skirt, slot for flank cinch, very good condition, almost like new, tooled
  • #300-002A used 15", pleasure, by Western Rawhide, ralide tree, suede padded seat with beaded cantle, round skirts, in skirt rigging, leather stirrups, tooled, no flank cinch, good condition
  • #300-271 used 15", Western Rawhide model 1780, pleasure, tooled leather, suede padded seat, Cheyenne roll, leather covered stirrips, Blevins buckles, ralide tree, no flank cinch, good condition
  • #300-371 used 15", Western Rawhide, pleasure, tooled leather, smooth padded seat, Cheyenne roll, leather covered stirrips, roller buckles on stirrup leathers, ralide tree, extra long saddle strings, no flank cinch, modified cinch dees
  • #300-057 used 16", F. Eamor, pleasure, smooth hard seat with Cheyenne Roll, Blevins buckles, leather stirrups, no cinch, leather billet and latigo, no cinch, good sheepskin lining, roughout, older and solid, still cleaning this one up
  • #300-032 used 15" Big Horn barrel, neoprene cinch, no flank cinch, like new
  • #300-574 used high back, old timer
  • #300-562 used 15" Eamor, hard seat, Cheyenne roll, metal bound wood stirrups, like new condition, two matching saddles
  • #3736 used 16 1/2" pleasure saddle, unknown brand, like new, smooth padded seat with Cheyenne roll, Ralide tree, full rigging front, in skirt back, double tooled skirt, fenders tooled on bottom only, leather stirrups, dark gold colour, very wide tree, possibility this would fit a draft
  • And yes, we have a variety of new and used English saddles in stock as well, including Wintec, Kieffer, Tudor.



Cutting Saddle, 16"

Jasper Haynes Saddlery

Joppa, Alabama

Genuine Flat Seat Cutter

Excellent condition


Click here to see more photos.


Used 15 inch, Big Horn synthetic barrel saddle

Navajo Cordura/leather, black leather, grey, black, red synthetic, Ralide tree, Ralide stirrups, neoprene cinch, comes with matching fleece saddle pad and horn bag. Approx. 18 lbs.

Nice package in very good condition!

Photo was dark so I have desaturated it so you can see detail.
Actual saddle has much brighter colours.

Only $450



Good used old high front 15.5"
Stock/Colt Breaking type saddle

Used: new real sheepskin lining
($250 value), lariat keeper strap, deep roper stirrips,
missing mid section to flank strap, medium width tree,

In very good condition except for crack in tree (see photo).


please note: no guarantee, no return
on this saddle

SOLD  #303-013

Used 15"
bush / hunting / stock saddle

Well made, barely used

Plain leather, smooth hard seat, Ralide tree
Full double conventional rigging, semi quarter horse bars

Flank strap not included
Wood, metal bound stirrups

Good quality thick leather with water stains. Photo does not do justice!


Very good saddle for this price


SOLD #303-212

Used 15.5"
Synthetic Endurance saddle

by Big Horn

fibreglass tree, smoothout padded deep seat, centrefire cinch, no horn, many clips and dee for crupper, leather and black cordura, Big Horn model #119, comes with used mohair blend cinch.

Stirrup leathers have been modifed
so they will also fit short legs. See pix.



#800-571. SOLD but I have another used one, 13", will post photos soon.

Brand New


19" Aussie saddle
Compares to 15" western.

Indian made.

With cinch, no stirrup pads



more photos

Good buy at $295

Click for more pix

Good used 16" pleasure saddle SOLD
Leather, dark suede, beaded cantle, padded roughout seat, l
eather stirrups, heavy duty 3-inch black biothane flank strap,
lining in very good condition, plastic composite tree,
Semi QH bars, no brand name, looks like Western Rawhide


15" Used Western Rawhide pleasure saddle

Real sheepskin lining in excellent condition, rounded skirts, conventional rigging, mid section of flank strap missing, metal bound wood stirrups, smoothout hard seat




Used 15.5" Big Horn rope saddle

Synthetic, cordura and leather, leather stirrups, leather/nylon stirrup leathers, brown

15" Used Western Rawhide pleasure saddle

Beaded cantle, suede padded seat, in-skirt rigging, round skirts,
leather stirrups, good condition. Will post photo soon.

only $299



Used 15" Western Rawhide pleasure saddle

Tooled leather, smooth padded seat, Cheyenne roll, leather covered
stirrips, roller buckles on stirrup leathers, ralide tree, extra long saddle
strings, no flank cinch, modified cinch dees


Yes, there are more used saddles in stock.
Will post them soon!


 #1526-593 ­ NEW

New 16" Western Rawhide pleasure saddle

Two left in stock!

I got these at such a good deal that I can pass the savings on to you and you will get a bargain-priced, quality new saddle with a life-time guaranteed Ralide tree at a used saddle price!

Suede padded seat, silver laced rawhide Cheyenne roll, rawhide covered laced contest stirrups, 26" long skirts x 12" deep, natural rawhide-tipped horn, stainless steel laced natural rawhide trim on Cheyenne roll, antiqued brown barb wire conchos, deep 5-inch cantle, semi quarter horse bars, 6.5" wide x 7.25" high gullet, 12 inch front. flank strap not included.

Exceptional Value! Only $625 each!
Would make a great gift!

Another brand new saddle at a used saddle price!

#1188-062 ­ NEW


Only one in stock ­

TRIM Brown coloured Cordura with a Micro fibre polyurethane suede seat. Leather swells and jockeys. Cheyenne roll is trimmed with white rawhide.
Leather conchos and clip and dees for installing saddle strings.
21/2" stainless steel flank dee for optional cinch.
Stainless steel hardware. Weight about 23 lbs.

RIGGING 7/8 rigging with stainless steel dees. Complete with a
15 strand rayon cinch, 13/4" nylon off billet and tie strap.
Nylon flank cinch can be purchased separately.

SKIRTS Square skirts 12" x 25 1/2", with washable anti-slip gel
foam panels.

FENDERS 7 1/2" x 19 1/2" with 1 3/4" reinforced polyester stirrup straps with quick change buckles and stirrups with leather footpad.

TREE Moulded polyethylene felt-lined. Full Quarter horse bars. 4" cantle, 3"
horn and 6 3/4" wide x 7 3/4" high gullet. 5 year Limited Guarantee.

Made in Vietnam.



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