Gallant Pep

Homozygous 1999 Sorrel Tobiano Stallion
Foaled April 11, 1999 - APHA

15.1 hands

Pedigree and Bloodline Performance Records

For Sale - $5000

Updated Apr17, 2003

SOLD TO Terry Robinson of Red Willow, Alberta (near Stettler)
This stallion is 4 years old in 2003 and is maturing very nicely - he is very well muscled.
He was sold for personal reasons and through no fault of his own!
This is an exceptionally nice stallion.

Call Terry to book him at 403-742-5005
When he sheds out I'll see if Terry can get an updated photo for display here.
The following photos were taken as an immature horse and do not do him justice.

Contratulations Terry, and thank you.

  • When put to a solid mare, you can expect to get solid patches, not the little bear paw marks that Pep has.

  • When put to a colored mare, you might produce a homozygous baby, and the foal could have little bear paw marks like Pep.
  • This stallion often throws to the mare. He contributes disposition, color and straight legs. All his foals have been athletic.

  • He throws loud color, consistent in the color pattern. Expect your foal to have colored ears, colored head, blaze and blaze under chin, patches along body, shoulders, rump and chest, white legs, two tone mane and tail. Click to see two of his 2002 babies' color pattern: sorrel-white and black-white.

AKA "Tonto"

GALLANT PEP (Pep) is homozygous for color.

See below for an impressive list of accomplishments by his ancestors, which include halter, arena and run records. Pep will likely throw all-around prospects. Pep comes from working stock. He was bred by Harry Neitz of Twin Arrows Ranch in Stettler, Alberta, Canada, a working cattle ranch where they also breed many Paint horses. Pep's sire, Class Time, is currently offered for sale by Harry for $22,000 CDN.

In September 2000, Pep's dam, Gallant Tiffany, was sold into the USA.

GALLANT PEP has tremendous bone, huge knees and hocks, short cannons, exceptionally straight legs, and white striped feet. He has good length of stride. He is friendly, smart and inquisitive, and fun to interact with. He is bold and not spooky.

He is patient and not very intimidating, and is therefore a good match for timid mares.

While at Leacy Cleveland Bay Farm, Pep bred both in the round pen and in the pasture.

As a 2 and 3 year old he was turned out with the mares in July to breed any mares that had not caught or had absorbed. Between Pep and our Cleveland Bay stallion, Forest Fellow, we have a 100% conception rate for the 2002 breeding season.

Ask us about our 2003 offspring from Pep 'cause they'll be here soon. All the babies we have produced from him so far have been sold. The colored foal from our CB partbred will be very unique - there are only 5-6 colored CB partbreds in the world.

Pedigree - Gallant Pep

For more information please see
Del Mar Pedigree All-Breed Pedigree Database

or APHA Pedigree Pages

   xxxxxxxxxx      A Shade of Class (Sorrel Tobiano)   Shady Sam
(Sorrel Tobiano)
A Clipper Classic
 Target Class
(Sorrel Tobiano)
  Julie Sierra (QH)  Jules Diamond (QH)
Shi Louise (QH
 Class Time (blk & whi homoz. Tobiano)    XXXXXXXXX  

Texan Bar Time (Black Tobiano)

  Roan Bar 7
(Black Tobiano)
Miss Tex
(Bay Tobiano)
 Texas Que Time (Bay Tobiano)    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  May Que (QH)  Lo Ho JR (QH)
Saska Little Cue (QH)
 Gallant Pep    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
X     Gallant Ghost (Bay Tobiano)   Peppy Spook
(Bay Tobiano)
Bold Farina (QH)
Gallant Way
(Bay Tobiano)
  Ms Move
(Sorrel Overo)
 Smooth Move (QH)
Precious Way (QH)
Gallant Tiffany
(Sorrel Tobiano)
     Super Nugget  (Sorrel Tobiano) Mr. Supersonic (QH)
Bon Bon 
(Sorrel Tobiano)
 Susy Que Nugget
(Sorrel Tobiano)
  Tiffany Van (QH) Hank Henry (QH)
Yolanda Hicks (QH)



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