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  Legacy Houston,
CB/QH and owner
Julie Garre at Kentucky Horse Park.

In summer 2003
Legacy Houston and Legacy Clive
came together again at the


event at Kentucky Horse Park during
the prestigious Cleveland Bay Extravaganza.

Lisa Johnson, owner,
and Legacy Clive, CB/TB partbred.

Their owners have kindly sent me these photos, and helped
to write a story about the Canadian-bred CB horses who participated
in this event.

To download the screen pdf file,
click here (Acrobat required).

A child learns about the CB through interaction with Clive.


 A Classy duo at a classy venue - Houston and Julie enjoying themselves at Kentucky Horse Park.


(Below) Brian and Kathy Robertson of Michigan,USA, did yeoman service with their four in hand team of Cleveland Bay partbreds. They drove around the Park every day and attracted all kinds of attention. GHP Bugatti, the right wheeler, is a Canadian bred Cleveland Bay partbred by deceased Alberta CB stallion, Harrington Spartan. Far left is judge James Stephenson, Secretary of the Cleveland Bay Horse Society from York, England, and to his right is judge Margot Thompson, also from Britain for this event. Photo by Sam Garre.


The reuniting of former pasturemates at the CB extravaganza.

What do you think? Do they remember each other?

Clive left, Houston right.
Clive oldest, Houston youngest.
Lisa very tall, Julie very short.
Clive medium, Houston taller than tall.



I don't miss the snow, do you? But these tornadoes are wicked,eh!

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