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Pack Rigging


No. 316 - Feed bags, strong nylon mesh, poly headstrap, tough vinyl - won't drown your horse and allows dust to escape, won't stay wet and damp, won't mildew, bush tough! $26.75

No. 4086 - Pack saddle pad - twill over 1" synthetic felt - brown $39.95

No. 468 - Pack pad, canvas top, soft 1" synthetic felt lining, $75

Panniards - tough! poly - professional quality - ll lbs. - waterproof - rodentproof - no seams - contoured and slots for diamond hitch - manufactured locally to professional packers' specifications, various colours. $199 pair

Leather saddle bags, large, $99

H0092 - Book - "Horse Packing in Pictures" - illustrated, soft cover. All sorts of practical ideas and easy to follow line drawing illustrations of how to tie packs, etc., $22.50

P0001 - Book - "Packin' In on Mules and Horses", soft cover, a good reference book - $20.95

H0125 - Book, not shown - "Horses - Hitches & Rocky Trails" , the packers' Bible - $16.99

We can order a large variety of pack equipment, some we carry in stock. Ask us about hobbles of various types, lash cincha, pack cincha both string and web, and the plastic adjustable pack trees. We do not carry the adjustable pack trees with aluminum arches because they have been known to break. Plus we carry poly rope halters, 50' hanks of cotton rope, etc. Tell me what you want and I'll see what we've got or what we can get for you.



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