Very short Web Video clips

Although the clips are short, they do take several minutes to download, depending on the size of your modem and the speed of your internet connection -­ your chance to get up and stretch, go get a cup of tea, feed the dog...

These video clips were taken in October 1998. Forest Fellow, 3 year old (immature) CB stallion. Fellow's winter coat is just starting to come in. He has rubbed off just about all his lovely long tail, and rubbed much of his mane out, thus the extremely long "bridle path."

Clip #1
Extended, animated trot along fence line inside stud pen.
Download time on 28 modem is approximately 6.48 minutes.



Clip #2
Free jump inside stud pen.
Fellow is travelling in a small circle in his square stud pen. He has no experience jumping.
Download time on 28 modem is approximately 7.31 minutes.


Clip #5
Just plain proud!
Download time on 28 modem is approximately 11.36 minutes.

This video still shows what's on this short clip.


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