Need horse transport?

At Dec 1/99 I was quoted the following information. Use this information only as a guide to give you an idea of costs involved. Actual costs vary depending on how much equine traffic each route normally has, as well as other prevailing factors.

(615) 735-3119
  • They do not go into Canada (they are a big company in the US), but interline with Canadian shipments coming down into the US.
  • For one horse going from Seattle, Washington to Chicago, Illinois, would cost $665 US. For one horse going from Seattle, Washington to Boston, Mass., would cost $955 US. However, if two horses were going from Seattle to Illinois, he would cut the fee to $1200 US for both of them.
  • They run every 16 days and need a month's notice.
(Barbara Carlson)
  • This transportation company runs north/south (Alaska to California), with occasional forays as far west as Manitoba, and in a blue moon, Ontario.
  • They can pick up here and deliver to Seattle for $400 CAN ($238 US) per horse, this includes all fees at the border.
INTERNATIONAL, Ontario - phone 1-800-387-1779
  •  Other companies inter-line with this one.
  • They have e-mail, don't know their address.
PERRY TRANSPORT LTD., Box 880, Nobleton, Ontario, L0G 1N0 -
phone 1-800-263-2396
fax 1-905-859-1720
Peter or Dave
  • From Edmonton, Alberta to Chicago, USA for one horse $1104 US Funds, actual price in April/2000 to get Clive and Laurie there - took 7 days to get there. Excellent telephone communication. Smooth air ride, water buckets don't spill. Truck tracked by computer so the office knows where it is at all times.)
  • From Dawson Creek, BC to Massachusettes $1900 CAN estimated cost.
  • This is the top end of the quote. If more horses are going in the same direction, the price could drop.
  • They usually cross Canada twice each month.
phone 1-604-534-6269
  • The following are approximate prices:
-Price for one horse from Vancouver , BC via Seattle to Chicago, $1000 US
-Price for one horse from Vancouver , BC via Seattle to Massachusettes, $1000-$1200 US
-Price for one horse from Seattle to Kentucky, $880 US (exact price).
-Add to this $110 in Canadian funds for border fees.
  • Price for one horse to travel from Vancouver, BC to Toronto, $1,465 CAN, add $300 CAN to keep going to Montreal.
  • This company interlines with other companies.
Bluegrass Transport (not sure about name), just north of Edmonton, Alberta

Runs from Edmonton to California via Spruce Meadows every 10 days or so. Goes just about anywhere, including Florida.

  • Ballpark figure of $1,100 from Calgary to Chicago. Says this trip would take about 35 hours.
  • About $150 from Edmonton to Spruce Meadows.
  • Interlines with International


  • The trucks have to be licenced for each State/Province that they service, which becomes very expensive. So they licence their trucks to run in certain directions, and if the route you require strays from the area they are licenced for, then they cooperate and interline with another carrier that is licenced to go that way. This cooperation also helps to fill the vans to keep trips economical. Ask if they are able to bring your horse all the way.
  • Do not take any of the above quotes as firm, or assume that the information I have provided is (still) correct. I accept no liability for any of the information provided as being correct. Do your own research.
  • Please deal with the carriers direct and get a written quote. Find out if all Customs, brokerage, taxes, duty and vetting border fees are included and enquire about insurance and travelling conditions.
  • One of our horses was shipped to New Hampshire via Horsin' Around, and the new owner had no transportation complaints. Two of our horses were shipped with Perry Transport, and the new owner had no transportation complaints. Since we have no experience with any of the other carriers we do not personally recommend any of them. We provide their names and contact numbers simply as a handy directory for your convenience so you can make your own enquiries. We receive no payment for providing their names. (However, if any equine carrier wants to advertise here for a fee we will accommodate them.)