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Updated November 2009

Legacy Grace

bay filly

Foaled April 8, 2006

Reg. CBHS Cleveland Bay Partbred
Half blood CB

Bay with star

Photos taken November 2009

Thanks to Michael Perrault for
taking a break from fixing his Kenworth
and helping with photos.

For comparison, Michael is 5 foot-8 inches.

Gracie is 15-3 1/2 hands at 3 1/2 years old (measured on Feb 28/10)

She will likely mature at 6 years to 16-1 hands.

Gracie is well into growing her winter coat.



Yearling Photos

$5,000 CDN

Dam's Pedigree - Golden Supreme (TB)

For more info please see Del Mar Pedigree Query Pages

     Northern Dancer  
   Northern Supremo    
     Roussalka (GB)  
       Oh So Fair
 Golden Supreme      To Market
     Viking Spirit  
       True Trick
   Viking Sis    
       Cover Up
     Countess Balla  
       Fleet Bala

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